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SHO Full Form

SHO Station House Officer

SHO stands for station House officer. Basically SHO is a post in the police department. So SHO is the officer in charge of a police station, which sees the work of Police Station. The rank of SHO Officer is between sub-inspector or Commissioner of Police. But the SHO Officer also has a lot of power. And SHO officer can take a big decision on the time.

The SHO officer has 3 stars on his shoulder and Outer shoulder with red and blue stripe ribbon.

SHO Police Officer Salary

The salary of the SHO officer is between 27000 to 1,04,400 rs/.

The list of All Police Officer Salary

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) 60600 RS /month
Sub Inspector Wireless Operator 27900 – 1,04,400 RS /month
Sub Inspector (Radio Tech) 27900 – 1,04,400 RS /month
Sub Inspector (Storeman Tech) 27900 – 1,04,400 RS /month
Inspector 27900 – 1,04,400 RS + Grade /month
Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) 46800 – 1,17,300 RS + Grade/month
Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) 46800 – 1,17,300 RS + Grade/month
Indian Police service (IPS) 46800 – 1,17,300 RS + Grade/month
Special Commissioner of Police 1,12,000 – 2,01,000 RS /month
Deputy Inspector General (DIG) 2,01,000 RS /month
Inspector General (IG) 1,12,000 – 2,01,000 RS /month
Additional Director General (ADG) 2,05,400 RS /month

Works Of SHO Police Officer

Station House Officer is one of the best jobs in the police department. The work of an SHO Police officer is the investigation of crime in his area and to appear in court behalf of his station.

SHO Full Form in Hindi

स्टेशन हाउस अधिकारी

Other Full forms of SHO 

SHO Show Time
SHO Senior House Officer
SHO Super High output
SHO Students Helping Others
SHO School Holidays Only
SHO Some How or Others
SHO Station Head Officer
SHO Simple Harmonic Oscillator
SHO Secondary Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy


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