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MB Full Form

MB Full Form: Hello friend if you want to know “MB Full Form“. Then this article will be helpful to you. Because in this article we will talk about MB. And I hope this article will be helpful to you.

MB Full Form

MB MegaByte

Mb stands for Megabyte. Megabyte is a unit of computer storage. By which we can measure computer storage. Just as we measure weight in kg and any liquid in liters, similarly, we measure computer storage in megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes.

Many times you must have heard that this memory card is 3mb which means that the memory card has 3 megabytes of storage. That is, we can store 3 megabytes of data in it.

IN Binary

1 MB 1024 kilobyte (KB)
1 MB 1000000 bytes
1 Gigabyte (GB) 1024 MB
1 TeraByte 1024 GB
1 Peta Byte 1024 TB
1 EXA Byte 1024 PB
1 Zetta Byte 1024 EB
1 Yotta Byte 1024 ZB

IN Decimal

1 kilobyte 1000 byte
1 Megabyte 1000 KB
1 Gigabyte 1000 MB
1 Terabyte 1000 GB
1 Petabyte 1000 TB
1 Exabyte 1000 PB
1 Zettabyte 1000 EB
1 Yottabyte 1000 ZB

Full-Form of MB in Medical

There are the different meaning of MB in medical. The list is given below. you can check.

MB Methyl Bromide
MB Midbrain
MB Main Bronchus
MB Maternal blood
MB Mamillary Body
MB Mallory Body
MB Medicinae Baccalaureus
MB Myoglobin
MB Myocardial Bridge
MB Mammillary Body

Some Other Full Name of MB

MB Motherboard
MB Myoglobin
MB Megabyte
MB Manitoba
MB Milton Bradley
MB Maurizio Bianchi
MB Millibarn
MB Mikro Bitti
MB Body Wave Magnitude
MB Millibel
MB Mercedes – Benz

Some Question-Related MegaByte

Q1. How Many MB in one GB.

One GB contains 1024 MB.

1Gigabyte (GB) = 1024 MegaByte (MB)

Q2. 1Gb is equal to how many MB.

1Gigabyte (GB) = 1024 MegaByte (MB)

Q3. How many bytes in one MB.

One Megabyte Contains 1000000 bytes.

1 MB = 1000000 bytes

Q4. How many KB in one MB.

One Megabyte contains 1024 Kilobytes.

1MB = 1024 KB

Q5. How many MB in one PB

1 petabyte = 1024 Terabyte

1 Terabyte = 1024 Gigabyte

1Gigabyte = 1024 Megabyte


1Petabyte = 1024 *1024*1024 Megabyte

1 Petabyte (PB) = 1073741824 Megabyte (MB)


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